Friday 31 March 2017

#सुप्रीम कोर्ट के फैसले से गयी त्रिपुरा में 10323 शिक्षकों की नौकरी

#SUPREMECOURT - आज त्रिपुरा के 10323 टीचर्स भर्ती केस में सुप्रीम कोर्ट में सुनवाई थी, कल से शुरू हुई सुनवाई आज पूरी हुई, और सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने हाई कोर्ट का ऑर्डर सही मानते हुए 10323 टीचर्स  की नियुक्ति को रद्द कर दिया। यह टीचर्स 4 अगस्त 2014 से स्टे पर चल रहे थे। साथ ही जानकारी मिली है कि 31 dec 2017 के बाद सभी टीचर्स टर्मिनेट कर दिए जाएंगे । सरकार नई पॉलिसी मई 2017 से 31 dec 2017 तक पूरी कर सकती है।

#सुप्रीम कोर्ट के फैसले से गयी त्रिपुरा में 10323 शिक्षकों की नौकरी

Tripura Govt lost 10,323 teachers case ! Supreme Court cancels all teachers' jobs after December 31st, 2017,

TIWN March 29, 2017 Tripura Govt lost 10,323 teachers case ! Supreme Court cancels all teachers' jobs after December 31st, 2017, opposition demands Manik Sarkar’s resignation

AGARTALA, March 29 (TIWN): Tripura Govt has lost in the much controversial Tripura's 10,323 case on Wednesday at the Supreme Court. The divisional bench chaired by Justice Adharsha Kumar Goel and Uday Umesh Lalit heard a petition filed by advocate Salman Khurshid. Supreme Court ordered for further TET Examination within 31st December, 2017 for all the teachers who lost their jobs, said the Law Secretary Datamohon Jamatia. But Education Minister cum Law Minister Tapan Chakraborty has TURNED OFF his mobile out of frustration and escaping to face the mass. On Govt side there was Advocate P P Rao and on behalf of 10,323 Lawyer Rajib Dhaon and J P Kamad were present. Reportedly, in total 10,323 teachers' jobs were cancelled by Tripura High Court in 2014 on May 7 after spotting irregularities in the recruitment process following a section of deprived qualified youths for the posts. A division bench of the high court, comprising Chief Justice Deepak Gupta and Justice Swapan Chandra Das, had passed then order May 7, 2014 terminating the jobs of 10,323 school teachers after Dec 31, citing irregularities in recruitment and SC has given the same verdict.

It's worthy to mention here that the teachers will continue their jobs till 2017, 31st Dec. But the recruitment process must be started within May 31st and to be completed within Dec 31st, Datamohon Jamatia said. However, he also mentioned that state govt will reappeal  to the Central Govt for them who have not completed B.Ed degrees.

Under CPI-M Era, Job recruitment, Promotion have become contradictory & the Tripura government has been opposing the setting up of the school service commission and Teacher's Eligibility Test (TET).

But when with Central's pressure TET was launched in Tripura, job-appointing corruption didn’t leave the state.

From Firemen job to TBSE, in every sectors youths started to questioning about Job appointment. Under Tripura Govt. while appointing someone in a post for Govt. employee no rule is followed, which was proven when Tripura High Court as well as Supreme Court canceled in total 10,323 teachers job, finding massive corruption held under Tripura Education dept, while recruiting someone in job.

Resentment has brewed among the devastated families, as Tripura Govt has not though about any alternative job for them.
Question raises......

Who is responsible for this day ?

Why B.Ed college was not launched in Tripura ?

Why violation of constitution was the principal of state govt's recruitment policy ?

Why Minister Tapan Chakraborty turned off his mobile ?

Who will answer the masses ?

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